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3 practical ways North American telcos can improve customer experience

In a recent article, CX Network explored the problems in the North American – and particularly US – telecommunications market when it comes to successful customer experience. There is little doubt that the region is seeing low levels of consumer satisfaction, both in comparison to international counterparts and in comparison to other industries in North America.

As a taster ahead of the CEM in Telecoms North America forum, we offer three practical pieces of advice for improvement, addressing some of those foundation weaknesses…

Why is the American telecoms customer so unhappy?

The North American Telecoms market has a problem. Recent studies across the board have exposed a significant shortfall in customer satisfaction. The 2016 US Analysis from the Customer Experience Excellence Centre (‘Harnessing the Power of Many’) revealed that while the US outperforms the UK for customer experience across the vast majority of industry sectors, telecoms falls behind – with not a single operator within the sector featuring inside the US top 100 performers. CX Network explores just where telcos are going wrong and why customers are so unhappy...

CEM Telecoms North America: Summer e-Magazine

As we all know, the U.S. telco and cable industries are still (among key operators in Europe and North America) at the bottom of the heap when it comes to customer satisfaction. Why exactly is this bad news? Because consumer dissatisfaction will inevitably lead to change (i.e. a more competitive landscape) and because many companies have still not fully grasped the use of good customer experience as a driver of ROI. That means a lot of revenue remains untapped, while an increasingly frustrated customer base is always on the cusp of jumping ship.

Readers of this magazine will find advice and lessons from the international telco community in an effort to help guide those involved in this arena and encourage some healthy debate.

The 2016 CEM Telecoms North America conference will be taking place in Atlanta, GA,  (25-27 October) for what is still the only event in the region to focus on CEM strategies specifically for this industry. The forum intends to help participants understand what their customers really want, and to deliver the personalized service that modern market demands.

Plus, in the move from multi- to omni-channel sales and service, the event will hear in-depth case studies focusing on different channels and touch points, to make sure none are neglected. Attendees will discover how to gain buy-in from each channel to ensure a seamless experience for customers. We hope you enjoy this issue! Download now!


Five Steps to Proactively Retain Customers and Ensure their Long Term Spending

Knowing the right methods to retain existing customers and ensure their satisfaction is proven to be one way telecoms companies can maximize customer loyalty and profitability.  
With case studies from Comcast, Verizon and AT&T, Telecoms IQ presents: Five Steps to Proactively Retain Customers and Ensure their Long Term Spending. 


What are North American carriers investing in?

Telecoms IQ recently conducted a North American industry survey to find out the challenges carriers are facing today. The results we identified include:

 - Gaining company-wide buy in for CEM programmes 
 - Understanding and actioning the Voice of the Customer 
 - Incorporating digital into customer care strategies 

In light of this, the role of solution providers and technology providers will be instrumental to the success of telecom carriers in the North American market over the next 18-24 months. Find out the full story by downloading the infographic below.

Mind the Gap: Breaking Down Silos to improve Customer Experience in Telecoms

Creating a unified customer experience is the key success factor for improving customer loyalty and reducing churn. Telecoms companies must create a holistic experience for their customers, throughout the lifecycle of the customer and between the silos of customer care, finance, sales & marketing and IT departments. In this infographic Telecoms IQ explores just some of the ways operators are trying to overcome customer service and data silos.


5 Top Case Studies and Learnings for Customer Experience Management Professionals

As a customer experience management professional you know that learning from others is an integral part of getting things right. Here we share five of the top case studies from Sprint, Telus, BT, AT&T and Cox Communications to help you improve your own programmes.

How to Empower Employees to Deliver an Optimal Customer Experience

Tequea Batson-Diaz is an Operations Manager at Sprint. In her 15 years in leadership, Batson-Diaz has managed more than 2,000 employees and NEVER lost one to poor performance. In this exclusive interview Telecoms IQ interview, she discusses how positive employee engagement enables great customer experience and reveals how to empower employees to deliver optimal customer experience.